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Chef Marlon – In Search of the Perfect Meals.

Everyone loves to indulge in yummy and delicious food and other baked good, but there is always a chance when trying out a new chef for your special occasion. 

You do not want to take risks with a new chef and ruin the first birthday lunch of your daughter?

 Or you’re wedding lunch or dinner? Or your graduation one? Here is the perfect and the most trustable solution for your occasions.

When planning an event to celebrate your special moments for yourself or your loved ones, the biggest question is about food and who will cater the food for your occasion. 

In today’s world, you have to be extra careful when booking a chef for catering because you do not want to give your guests food that is not up to the mark.

Marlon is your go-to chef.

 He started his baking career with only two simple things as an investment passion and a love for baking. Marlon loves to create and curate food experiences that should be the best of the best. 

For years he has been spreading love through food.

About Marlon the Baker

After traveling for about five years, Marlon got bored with the same mediocre tours related to food. Marlon wanted a time to help everyone connected to him understand regional food, the exotic ingredients, and history. These tours made him push his limits even further and explore new passions.

The idea behind his food tour started in honor and memory of his Mentor, Chef Anthony Boursin, who used to design food tours, and these food tours have now become one of the highest-rated food tours in the city. Since the expansion, they have taken their exotic food experiences across

 Latin America and Asia.

Chef Marlon and his team love catering food for your occasions. They have also made food for many celebrities, public and private events, and many more. Their team will be happy to take on any party, whether it is more significant or small or just an intimate dinner; they will do their job perfectly.

Make sure to give Marlon the baker a go.

He will not disappoint you.

Whether you’re hosting a cookery demonstration and need a complete setup including kitchen and private chef hire, or you’re celebrating and want one of the best meals of your life – our chef hire is second to none.

As event caterers we’re happy to take on any party or occasion, large or small, from an intimate dinner for

two, to a wedding party that’s catering for two thousand.


Make the day extra special with a Top Fine Dining Chef and you’ll get more than just incredible food, you’ll have memories of an extra special day for the rest of your life! We all love good food, but there’s a huge difference between good food and great food – and that’s what Marlon The Baker was founded on – We provide a simple and affordable way to get great food with top chef hire and events catering.

Marlon The Baker Team will take care of everything – from the discussion of the menu and any dietary requirements to preparation, cooking and even all the cleaning up afterwards, with chef hire from us your kitchen will look like we’d never been there.

Marlon The Baker events caterers all you need to do is make one call to us and then invite your guests – We can take care of everything.


We have the best Celebrity Chefs to hire for your event, 


$5,000 TO $150,000 


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We work with Chefs from the Most Popular TV Shows, Social Media and Cooking Events.

Meet Your Favorite Celebrity Chefs

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